Undeserved weight maintenance. Again.

My husband and I had a kicka** session at the gym today—after having seven days off. It felt so good to MOVE, to get the blood flowing, to use my muscles, especially after feeling so awful last week.  We were completely exhausted afterwards—but it was that kind of tired that feels so good and relaxing.

Before working out, I weighed myself on the scale in the locker room: 189 lbs. The gym scale has always registered my weight at one pound higher than the scale at the Lindora clinic; thus, I have not gained any weight. I have not gained any weight!!! (From now on I’ll be using the gym scale as my primary, official gauge, even though it’s a pound higher.)

It is, once again, undeserved weight maintenance as I’ve been off program for about three weeks.  Except for last week, we’ve continued going to the gym, which I’m certain has helped offset the extra food I’ve been eating.

Mind you, my jeans are tighter, so I know I must have gained fat and lost muscle, but I’m still totally tripping out that I didn’t pack on 5-10 lbs. That’s what I expected.

This hasn’t been my usual gorgefest that is Christmastime. I haven’t gone all out crazy, but I have imbibed. Oh yes, I have. Tamales. Tacos. Spanish rice. Refried beans. Chocolate chip cookies. Popcorn with butter and parmesan. Barbecue ribs, mashed potatoes and buttery bread. But not every day. I’ve also eaten lots of soup, salad/veggies, fruit, yogurt.  The only thing I can figure is I’ve been much more aware of what I’m doing. I haven’t just mindlessly porked out.

I have enjoyed eating off-program food guilt-free, knowing I’m taking a break from the diet, knowing I’ll get back on track soon.

Because if you’re not going to enjoy it, then what’s the point?

So… I’m on a total high, knowing I don’t have too much damage to repair as I refocus my eating and exercise efforts toward my goal.

By the way, I love the new Weight Watchers commercial where Jennifer Hudson’s old and new self are singing “Believe.” Fun to imagine the former old me and the future new me standing right next to each other. I’m standing here beside myself…

Weight Watchers – Jennifer Hudson: I believe in you and me

7 pounds down. 93 to go. Planning ahead.

After successfully completing my 3 Protein Days, I went in to the Lindora clinic Monday morning. I signed in, took a keto stick to the restroom, and got some good color (a mid-pink on their scale of white to burgundy) indicating my body was in ketosis. I was called in to one of the exam rooms immediately. The consultant was pleased that I had walked over 10,000 steps each day (as captured by my pedometer). I stepped on to the scale and voila! I lost 4 pounds since Friday. 7 all together! The journey has begun in earnest.

Last evening, my husband and I signed up for a gym membership at LA Fitness. Serious commitment land for both of us. Now we’re in some money and a pledge of time. We’re still figuring out our schedule… should we go together in the evenings? (We’ve already missed this evening as we’re both not feeling well). Should I go by myself in the morning, and my husband go by himself late at night? We’ll figure it out very soon. I have an appointment for a Personal Fitness Assessment on Thursday evening as part of the membership.

I am very aware of the time commitment it will take to get healthy. In the past, dinner often consisted of “another supper, from a sack, a 99 cent heart attack” (as Tim McGraw so sagely sings). Driving to the gym last night, as we passed a plethora of fast food joints—Taco Bell, KFC, In-N-Out, McDonalds, Burger King, Wienerschnitzel—I thought about how easy it is to just drive up, pay a very small amount of money, and leave with quite a lot of food with absolutely no effort. I felt no temptation, but I could imagine these institutions of America as Sirens, singing their hypnotic songs and waving their sinewy arms, beckoning the people in… Shut up, ladies. I’m taking care of business.

Now, I need to plan ahead. The fridge needs to be stocked with fruits and veggies and healthy meats. Tonight I stopped at Costco and bought their extremely yummy, $5 rotisserie chicken. That right there is a healthy fast food choice. And inexpensive. After parking the car, it took many, many steps to walk all the way to the back of the warehouse, pluck up my chicken, and walk all the way back through the registers and to my car. My pedometer clicked pleasantly the entire time as I zoomed past strolling shoppers.

Here’s my food for today, Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Pedometer steps: 7,221
Exercise: Nothing formal. A long walk to do an errand instead of driving

  • 7:30am 3/4 c Cheerios (12), 1 c skim milk (12), Coffee (0) with 2 Tbsp sugar free Coffee-mate vanilla creamer (2), 1 tsp Sugar Free Metamucil (2), 2 chewable adult vitamins (3)
  • 10am Lindora Oatmeal Raisin protein bar (13), coffee (0) with 2 T regular Coffee-mate Vanilla Creamer (6) – off program
  • 1:30pm 2.5 oz imitation crab (1), 1 c cucumber (3), 1 T sugar-free rice vinegar (0), a few drops of sesame oil (0), 2 c Romaine lettuce (3), 12 oz Diet Squirt  (missed my fruit due to lack of time)
  • 4pm  1 oz string cheese (1), 3 oz Chardonnay white wine (3) – Yes, this was a big no-no and off program. I looked it up on About.com — Alcoholic Beverages on a Low Carb Diet beforehand and saw that Chardonnay only has 3 carbs, so thought it might be okay. Let’s see what it does to me. Feeling kinda guilty about it.
  • 7:30pm 2.5 oz Costco rotisserie chicken breast (0), 2 c Romaine lettuce (3), 1/4 c carrots (4), 1/2 c celery (2), 1 peach (10), 1 tsp olive oil (0), 12 oz Diet Squirt (0)
  • Total carbs: 80

Monday, August 8, 2011
Pedometer steps: 12,898
Exercise: 30 minutes on the treadmill

  • 7:30am 3/4 c Cheerios (12), 1 c skim milk (12), coffee (0) with 2 Tbsp sugar free Coffee-mate vanilla creamer (2), 1 tsp Sugar Free Metamucil (2), 2 chewable adult vitamins (3)
  • 10am 1 oz string cheese (1)
  • 1pm  Strawberry Freeze: 1/2 c cottage cheese (4), 1 c strawberries (11), 1/2 c. sugar free raspberry jello, 2 c Romaine lettuce (3), 1/2 c Chinese pea pods (6.5), 1/2 c cucumber (2), 12 oz Diet Pepsi (0)
  • 4pm Lindora Chocolate Chocolate bar (13)
  • 7:30pm 2.5 oz Tilapia white fish (0), 1 tsp olive oil (0), juice from 2 lemon wedges (3), 2 c Romaine lettuce (3), 1/4 c Chinese pea pods (4), 1 peach (10), 12 oz Diet Squirt (0)
  • Total carbs: 89.5

Getting Started on Lindora’s Four-Week Program

My husband helped get me started back on Lindora—a medical weight control clinic—by purchasing a 4-week program for $179 from Groupon.com. It includes:

  • Lab work ($151 value)
  • Physical exam ($75 value)
  • Lean for Life Workbook ($19 value)
  • Check in 2 times a week with a nurse ($260 value)

Yesterday, I called my local Lindora clinic to let them know I’d received the four-week program as a gift. Georgene, who has consistently followed up with me via phone since my false start in 2009, enthusiastically welcomed me and asked when I wanted to get started.

“Immediately,” I said.

She asked me to come first thing in the morning to get my blood drawn. She reminded me to fast for ten hours prior to that but to drink lots of water. “We want your veins nice and plump.”

I left the house early this morning to make it to my appointment at the clinic, which is  close to my workplace. A nurse practitioner welcomed me and asked me to complete two pages of forms—similar to forms you would fill out at your doctor’s office.

Next, I was taken to Georgene’s office where she went over what was included in my 4-week membership. She asked me to follow her to a Body Composition Analysis machine. I stood on a platform and with both hands, grasped metallic handles while the machine did its work. Moments later, she printed out the report and talked it over with me. Here’s what it said:

  • Weight: 224.7
  • Total Body Fat: 45.6% (normal range is 19-26%), or 102.5 lbs.
  • Fat Free Mass: 54.4%, or 122.2 lbs
  • Total Body Water: 42% (normal range is 50% and greater)

None of it is a surprise. Not really. But to see that almost 103 lbs of my body is straight fat? It’s hard to grasp. It’s also quite motivating.

We made appointments for my physical exam (over a week away—after the lab reports come in), my protein day informational session, and my carbohydrate informational session. She scheduled my three prep days, where I am to basically eat foods that include moderate protein, high fat and low carbohydrates.

She then scheduled my three protein days. These are days I dread as I’ll basically be going cold turkey from all sugar and bread—two of my most favorite things in the world. I am only supposed to eat approved meat or dairy products, or Lindora’s delicious protein supplements (a great perk to the program!). I was excited when she told me I could eat low fat string cheese as a protein. It would only count as 1 carb.

I didn’t tell her that I already started the weight loss menu yesterday. I don’t want to wait another week. I know what to do as I’ve done this before. I think it will make those three protein days a bit easier this time. It won’t be such a shock to my system.

She asked if I wanted to purchase any protein supplements. Yes. She handed me a list of product—almost 100 options. Over $50 later, I took home:

  • Lindora Hot Cocoa (perfect low carb snack before bedtime)
  • Double Chocolate Protein Bars (deadly good!)
  • Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Bar (perfect with a black cup of coffee)
  • Strawberry Kiwi Protein Drink (Georgene recommended having this on hand for high carb days)

The nurse practitioner was now ready to take my blood. She was chatty which helped to distract me from the needle. Her comments stuck with me.

“The Lindora program is great. As a nurse, it’s so gratifying to see people’s blood work go from bad to good. After just twelve weeks, it comes back clean and healthy. Some people even get to go off their high blood pressure meds. It’s so exciting.”

I’m already feeling lighter—buoyant even—just knowing that I’m taking steps toward better health in all areas: spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally.

How about you? Have you ever started a program with Lindora? What was your first experience like at the clinic?