“Back Sliders”

“Welcome to the backsliders club—the negative space in our heads we’ve reserved for our weak-willed moments. Here we can spiral down into our feelings of failure and defeat in total comfort. Look around. Hey, there’s your sister-in-law who does everything right. Over there, that woman from the gym, who’s so together. And next to her, why, that’s your personal trainer. The truth is we all land here once in a while, whether you’re trying to eat better, quit smoking, or lose weight. The secret is not to stay. Kaiser Permanent reminds you that change happens one choice at a time, and one trip to the back slider’s club doesn’t make you a loser. It just makes you human. At Kaiser Permanente, we’ve got ways to help you stay out of here, or at least keep you from becoming a regular. Kaiser Permanente. We want you to get up, get down, and thrive. Visit kp.org/thrive.”

I heard this ad on the radio driving in to work this morning – you’ve GOT to listen to this… It’s perfect. Another excellent Kaiser Permanente ad that is part of their overall “Thrive” campaign. They really nailed it! I love the narrator’s wry, dry delivery (Allison Janey) and the silly music in the background.