A Tasty New Discovery: ZonePerfect Cashew Pretzel Bar

I’m so excited about the ZonePerfect Cashew Pretzel Nutrition Bar I just ate, I had to post about it. It’s a new flavor from the folks at ZonePerfect. It’s like a nutty rice krispie treat. Filling. Satisfying. Tasty.

ZonePerfect Cashew Pretzel protein barA box of 5 costs $4.84 at Target. At less than a dollar apiece, these are HALF the price of Lindora’s protein bars. This I can afford, as I eat one every afternoon.

I also really like the ZonePerfect Chocolate Mint Nutrition Bar.

ZonePerfect Chocolate Mint barZonePerfect bars keep me on track. They satisfy my sweet tooth (which is what got me into all this trouble in the first place). They stave off cravings. They are great to take to a movie when you have all those popcorn smells around you. Or to eat before going to a party or family event.

The new sweet and salty line ZonePerfect is developing is a welcome addition to the sweet options. The Cashew Pretzel version is the bomb! : ) : ) : )  I’m going to try the Trail Mix flavor next.

P.S. No one at ZonePerfect paid me to say these things. I’m just a huge fan. : )