June 2010

My name is Jennifer. I am 41 years old. As of July 25, 2011, I weigh 225 lbs and am 5’1″. Ridiculous!

“I have eyes. I can see, you know. And I can see that you’re not taking care of yourself.” These were the simple, gently delivered words spoken by my loving husband that finally threw me over the edge, propelling me into action two years ago. Thus the name of my blog. My serious commitment to my diet lasted about three weeks. I can blame it on a few comments from a brother-in-law (see October 24, 2009 post), but that pretty much became an excuse to be a victim and quit.

Fast forward two years, a couple of years older, a few pounds heavier, and I’m ready to start again. There wasn’t any particular trigger. A few fat pictures I couldn’t quite accept (“That cannot be me!”). The increasingly uncomfortable feeling that my skin was too tight for my body. The realization that I’m not ready to give up on life. I’m not ready to be an old lady.

May 2010

I have started this blog to document my weight loss from the beginning to its going-to-be-successful end.  I want this blog to #1: help to hold me accountable for my choices toward my goal of losing 100 lbs, and #2:  help others who struggle with weight loss.  If I can do it, anyone can.

About me… I have lived in Southern California for the past fourteen years – a transplant from rainy Oregon.  I am a graphic designer who also loves to write. I am married; we do not have children (by choice) but have raised our nephew as our own since he was eleven. He was officially launched into the world this summer: he joined the Army. Rounding out our family are four dogs – 3 outside dogs, 1 inside dog. My husband is a very private person so I will purposely be vague about who we are in this blog.

I am a Christian who is eternally grateful for the hope, forgiveness and purpose that can only be found through faith in Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for this healthy body He has given me. It’s time to take much better care of it so I can live this life He’s given me more completely.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. You go love! The body is your transport in life and the fatter we get the more we are driving a shitty old broken car. Luckily unlike cars ours is self repairing. Before you know it you can be driving a brand new car that you barley recognise! You just need to look after your car! And find the best fuel 😉 GL!

  2. Hi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    You can find the picture at http://www.angiebullock.com.
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