Check it out: An inspiring blog about losing 135 lbs and keeping it off

During my sick-on-the-sofa week last week, I came across an amazing blog written by Andie, age 26, who lost 135 pounds five years ago. How she lost it, why she lost it, how she’s keeping it off… it’s so much more than a list of to-do’s and shoulds; it’s an emotional journey she has traveled successfully.

Andie’s writing is insightful, inspiring, and even lyrical. Here’s some good stuff from her Peace with Food post:

Throughout my lifetime I developed what Geneen Roth calls “the inclination to bolt.”Since I didn’t confront my emotional eating until I had lost all the weight, I met it at a time when I was sober from food. I was a thin person reconciling with two decades of compulsive eating. It’s like drinking yourself into an oblivion at night, getting sober by morning and having to clean up the house party you didn’t realize you threw. I came to understand that ending my emotional eating meant resisting Roth’s “inclination to bolt.” I had to stay here, to sit with myself. Just as I wouldn’t turn away from a friend who needed me, I had to love myself as much. I promised the little girl, the teenager, and the adult versions of me that I was going to stick around for the hard parts and that I was willing to feel. I made an agreement to fully live in the present moment. Because if I leave the moment when I feel uncomfortable, I am missing the opportunity to grow, to learn, to be strong, and to be loved.      —Andie,

For the most part, it seems Andie has come to terms with her issues with weight and exercise. She found her happy weight and discovered how to maintain it. She’s honest about what she misses about being fat; otherwise, I would have thought she was too perfect to be listened to. 🙂

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Enjoy. I sure did! 🙂


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