Undeserved weight maintenance.

After the holiday week(end) full of frivolous food and celebratory relaxation, lots of my blogging buddies have either:

  1. Gained because they cheated, intentionally or otherwise (the gains are to be expected; just gotta get back on the wagon)
  2. Gained for no good reason; they were perfectly good and did not cheat (fully sucks)
  3. Maintained for no good reason; they were perfectly, terribly bad, and should have gained (fully lucky)

I’m in the #3 category. I stepped on the scale at Lindora today and my jaw dropped. I maintained. I didn’t gain or lose. It’s not fair – I should have gained 5-10 pounds after all the fun I had last week. I’m not going to squander my good fortune; I’m back on the wagon full force today.

And let’s not forget that I haven’t lost any weight in about 3 weeks. I’m happy I haven’t gained, but enough already. Time to get busy. Focus.

To top it off, I received an amazing email today from a coworker that humbled and motivated me…

Subject: you inspired me
Because of your success, I have decided it is time for me to drop half of my body weight. So I signed up for Weight Watchers online.
Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

3 thoughts on “Undeserved weight maintenance.

  1. Hi Jennifer! I’m a Lindora believer too and used my blog to journal about my weight loss journey in 2011. I love what you are doing and writing. I go back to lose the last 5 pounds in January and I will definitely be reading your blog for inspiration. If you want to check mine out it is mine2lose.com.

    • So happy you found my blog, fellow Lindora believer! Can’t wait to check out your entries from this past year. I’ll be following you, too, as you work on those last 5 pounds and then get to the hardest part: Maintenance!!!

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