Restart! Tomorrow is a new day…

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I’ve been home all week enjoying a stay-cation. It’s been so nice. My husband and I have been organizing, cleaning, sleeping in, going out to eat, cooking, baking…

Uh oh. There it is. Yeah. I’ve been totally off program all week. And we only made it to the gym 2 days: Saturday and Tuesday.

It’s the end of Thanksgiving Day and I felt ick, yuck, gross. I am done. Done with junk food and unguarded eating. Done with feeling sluggish, sleepy and bloated.

I’m not going to overanalyze why I didn’t do better. I’m just going to start fresh tomorrow.  And by starting fresh, I’m going to:

  • Commit to 30 strict, on program days between now and Christmas with no attempts at moderation. (Other than two holiday parties over the next couple of weeks, there will be no cheat meals).
  • Re-launch my Lindora nutrition plan with three Protein Days from Friday, November 25 to Sunday, November 27. This will help renew my focus and discipline as well as get me into ketosis (where your body burns fat for energy instead of the food you eat).
  • Write down everything I eat and post my menu here for accountability. I’ve been slacking on that for quite a while.
  • Blog more often. It helps me stay focused.
  • Learn how to pat myself on the back for what I’ve accomplished thus far, but keep myself motivated to complete the journey. Must reach my goal of weighing 130 lbs!

Staying at home this week makes me appreciate how much easier it is to eat right when I go to work every day. My hat is off to those stay-at-home moms who are working on losing or maintaining their weight. Dang! Having the kitchen right there, a somewhat flexible schedule, and managing the stress of little ones who want your constant attention… You are amazing!

3 thoughts on “Restart! Tomorrow is a new day…

  1. I work from home and am single. I find home so much easier because I only eat out of my kitchen and my kitchen has only Lindora approved foods. Funny you find being in an office easier…where people can bring in “non-Lindora” food. Reading your blog I realize it’s routine change that trips me up. Good luck with the restart! Look forward to reading all about it!

    • Thanks Cori! (and sorry for the delayed reply) : ) Staying on track is all about having no-brainer routines, I think.

      For some reason I’m able to stay away from the office snacks… could be because I have lots of eyes on me – but not in a bad way. I don’t want to fail in public, and my coworkers are my cheerleaders, wanting me to succeed.

      I think it’s the private times where I face my biggest tests. It’s why I like this quote so much: what you eat in private, you wear in public.

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