The Land of the Fat Me: Why I Stayed There So Long

“You are right where I am when I would start the compromise route, then it always came back on in double time. Hang in there. Look where you are going, and don’t forget the why. It is like making a new friend. The old one is comfortable and familiar but not someone you like to truly hang out with because they are kind of a drag on you, so to speak. Life does have bumps in the road. Its just what we do with the bumps that matter.”
(Pulled from an encouraging email I received from my wise older sister in response to my last post, Baggy Pants are Big Fat Liars)

It took me 14 years to gain 70 pounds. It was a long, slow change, which gave me plenty of time to get comfortable and familiar with myself in the Land of the Fat Me.

How does a person get so comfortable and content living in a fat body?

Because in the Land of the Fat Me, there are all kinds of benefits of being fat, both hidden and obvious.

As the Land of the Fat Me slips further into the distance, I’m thinking about why it was such a nice place to live, and why I stayed there for so long. As I stumble along on this long journey toward The Land of the Fit Me, my hope is that this list will keep me aware of the temptations of the old place so I can resist its allure…

  • Being fat means you never have to be careful about what you eat.
  • Being fat means you have an activity to stave off boredom.
  • Being fat saves time and alleviates immediate, short-term stress. Instead of figuring out what to make for dinner after work, it’s easier to eat out, get take out, or go through the drive-thru.
  • Being fat means you get to be spoiled and lazy. You don’t have to go grocery shopping, cook, do dishes, or clean the kitchen. You don’t have to get up off the couch.
  • Being fat means you can justify your actions. “I deserve it. I worked hard all day.”
  • Being fat eliminates all guilt when you choose unhealthy food. “I’m fat anyway; a piece of cheesecake won’t make any difference.”
  • Being fat means you have a way to instantly feel good. If you feel bad, just eat something scrumptious and naughty. Never mind that you’ll feel worse later.
  • Being fat means you ignore the junk food consequences of indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea, and weight gain.
  • Being fat allows you to participate full throttle in events that revolve around food.
  • Being fat makes you part of a club. You’re fat, and you like food, too? Let’s enjoy food together! And you don’t have to worry about what the other person is thinking.
  • Being fat makes you a non-threatening friend. If you’re the fatter one, it makes your friend feel more attractive.
  • Being fat tests the boundaries of your spouse’s love for you. Is it really unconditional love? Will you love me even if…? Yes. He will. (I’m a lucky, lucky girl. My husband married me when I was at my heaviest.)
  • Being fat insulates you from unwanted attention from the opposite sex.
  • Being fat makes you invisible.
  • Being fat makes you safe.
  • Being fat is easier because others expect less from you.
  • Being fat is like having a passionate love affair with food…  But without the awareness that you love food more than food loves you, and that food has all of the control in the relationship.

Quite a few bloggers have weighed in on the topic (pun intended)—though, not from the same point of view as me. I want to get rid of the fat. They seem to enjoy their fat. Pretty interesting, and sometimes disturbing…

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This is a truly, deeply disturbing bunch of comments. I knew there were folks like this, but it just seems like something has to be broken inside their brains.

Have I missed any of the benefits of being fat?  Let me know…


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