The Freedom of Boundaries & Limited Choices

There is something utterly liberating about being on a diet. About having limited choices. About planning ahead.

You can drive past a plethora of restaurants and not even really see them. It’s not an option to visit them.

At lunchtime in the middle of your workday, you don’t have to ask yourself, “What do I feel like having today?” You don’t have to make any decisions. You just go to the fridge and pull out the lunch that you prepared last night. It’s a no brainer.

After work, you can go to the grocery store and make a beeline for the fresh produce, dairy and meat departments, skipping past everything else.

Impulse purchases are no longer a temptation, because your impulses are in check. You’re not going to buy a candy bar while waiting in line because you don’t want to blow your diet.

With the Lindora program, food choices are limited, but it makes food preparation so much easier. Choosing items from the Menu Selection list in the Lean for Life book and working from that is easier than having every ingredient in the world available.

Food tastes better because you have to work within your choices. In the old days, I would never choose a bowl of strawberries for dessert; I’d have two or three scoops of vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top – and perhaps some Hershey’s chocolate syrup, too.  Now, those plain old strawberries are like ambrosia.

It reminds me of something my husband said some time ago. I told him about a conversation with a Lindora consultant before I started the program. She asked me, “When you go out to a restaurant, what do you choose to eat?”

“Whatever I want,” I replied.

She seemed taken aback by my honest answer. When I told my husband about it, I whined that I won’t be able to eat whatever I want anymore.

He said, “Sure you will. You’ll still be eating whatever you want. You’re just choosing different things.

What an empowering thing to tell me.  I choose the good stuff, from now on.

What is your favorite food choice? Both now and then?