What I said “no” to. : )

Just had to share a photo of a beautiful cake. It was served at the going away party for a colleague at work this week (sandwiched between donuts and muffins). I wasn’t even tempted—honest! Knowing I am “on the wagon,” none of my coworkers pressured me to partake. I really appreciated their support. 🙂

So pretty to look at. And that was enough.


2 thoughts on “What I said “no” to. : )

  1. If anyone else is reading this, every word is true. Jennifer has been motivated and true to her new goal. As her co-worker I will say the cake was as delicious as it looks and Jennifer did not touch one bit. I commend you Jennifer for your positive attitude. You did not wine or complain, and I know it must have taken alot of will power to walk away from all the goodies during all the recent celebrations we have had. Keep up the great job you are doing, we can all see the changes for the positiive!

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