Day 8: “You should really do something about your weight.”

My husband and I haven’t seen family much this year.  Not sure why – everyone is just going in a million different directions.  So when his brother needed to borrow a tool, my husband asked if I’d like to go along with him to deliver it.  I said, sure! I haven’t seen him in a long time! Let’s just call my husband’s brother Joe.

We arrived at his new home (he has just moved to a nice big home this summer with his wife and kids) while Joe and another of my husband’s brothers was there.  Both brothers has lost a ton of weight since I’d seen them last.  They looked great.  They were in the middle of painting the bathroom.

So Joe took a break and sat with us outside. He offered us some fruit salad, which I turned down.  When he persisted, saying “It’s good for you!” I had to say, “I’m on my protein day of the Lindora program I’m on, so I can’t have that right now.” (Again, it’s impossible to do this secretly.) After sitting for a bit and chitchatting, Joe looked at me and asked, “So just how much weight have you gained since your wedding?” (We just got married last December.)  I looked at him in surprise.  “How much do you think I’ve gained?” I asked.  He said, “Looks like 20 lbs.”  I was shocked – I’ve gained about 10. So we talked about exercise and how he’s lost about 25 lbs this summer and he talked lots of “you shoulds” to both my husband and me.

As we were leaving, he and I were alone for a moment and he says to me, “Jen, you should really do something about your weight. Just stand in front of the mirror, get naked and really look at yourself. Get motivated. We’re all getting older and we need to take better care of ourselves. And get my brother to work on it, too.”

Words spoken in love. Truly I believe that.  But I was so bummed afterward just the same.  It made me think, “What’s the point? I must really look disgusting and I didn’t realize how bad I’d gotten. How can my husband stand me?”  It made me want to eat! It was so weird.  Basically, his words didn’t help. Not one bit. I know I need to lose weight.  Having someone tell me who hasn’t seen me for a while is discouraging and depressing.

It made me want to quit.  And I thought of this blog.  And the one friend I’ve told about it. And how silly it would be to quit after just one week and the comments of one brother-in-law.  I told my husband how his brothers words bothered me. My husband said, “You know he loves you and he’s just trying to help.” Something like that.

So, I had a successful protein day anyway.  And we had El Pollo Loco again for dinner and I had a chicken breast with the skin removed.  It was like ambrosia, it was so good. We bought an extra chicken because they have the $4 for the 2nd chicken deal so I can eat on it for a couple of days.

While we were eating our chicken, I was telling  my husband about when I had met with Georgene at the Lindora clinic, she had asked me if I eat out a lot.  I had told her we eat out almost every day.  She asked what I chose to eat?  I told her, anything I want to. In other words, I didn’t make healthy choices.   So my husband wisely says,”So now you’re still eating whatever you want. You’re just wanting different things with a different result at the end.”  Yeah! He’s so smart.  Just love it when he makes sense, which is most of the time. : )

Exercise for today:  55 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the elliptical.

Food for today:

  • 9:30am 1 c skim milk (12), 2 chewable vitamins (3)
  • 12:00pm Zone Perfect bar, blueberry (13)
  • 2:30pm 2.5 oz roasted chicken (o) with mustard (0)
  • 4:30pm Lindora Chocolate Chocolate bar (13)
  • 8:00pm El Pollo Loco chicken breast with skin removed (0)
  • TOTAL:  41

3 thoughts on “Day 8: “You should really do something about your weight.”

  1. HI
    My husband and I started the program on Thursday. We are both very excited and on day 3 of 4 days of the protein. We have to do four days since our third one would fall on a Saturday. Our keto sticks are not changing color yet. Do you know when this is supposed to happen? Today is day 3 and still not change.

    How are you doing by the way? I see you’ve stopped writing.
    Please keep writing I find it very inspiring. Hope all is well.

    Good Luck,

  2. Was this successful for you? I enjoyed reading your blog. You seem like a very sweet person. I just started Lindora. It’s been about 2 weeks and I have a party to go to next week. I wonder if I can just eat cakes and things just for a day. I want to so badly lol.

    • Hello Mia,

      Thanks for your kind words. Congratulations for starting with Lindora – starting is the hardest part! If you are anything like me, eating cake one day will totally ruin my resolve the next day. The first 12 weeks of Lindora are the most critical – you don’t want to undo the first 2 weeks of your hard work with one day of backsliding. Do note that at the party, it will be obvious that you’re not eating like everyone else. Keep a diet soda or a plate of fruit in your hand, eat it slowly, so it’s not quite as noticeable that you’re abstaining. The pressure can be terrible. But also know you are being an example and inspiring others by sticking with your diet. Trust me – you can do so much more than you think you can.

      BUT – the key is moderation, something I’ve always had trouble with. So after your first 12 weeks of Lindora, learn to eat cake one day and get right back on the saddle the next day – just don’t go crazy and eat too much when you do go off track!

      I was enormously successful with Lindora and lost 60 pounds. For about a year. Then we became guardians to a teenager and, well, life became difficult and I’ve gained it all back. I really need to get back on track, so you are inspiring me. It’s easy to talk the talk. Doing it – you are brave and courageous!!!

      Stick with it. It works. The weight comes off quickly and you’ll feel so much healthier. It’s a lifelong battle, though – Lindora just helps you get the worst of the weight off. Keeping it off is harder.

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