Days 5-6: Getting Harder

A 14-hour day yesterday full of urgent deadlines and can’t-put-off-until-tomorrow projects made it hard to remember to eat my snacks/meals until I was famished. Then I’d eat my salad and cold chicken and apple, wishing I had a nice big meal including large amounts of warm bread – my comfort food.  If I remember to eat before I get crazy hungry, then I’m much more satisfied with my food. The folks at Lindora know what they are doing.  There is a method to the madness. Got home at 9pm cranky and snappish because I hadn’t expected to be at work that long and I hadn’t taken my dinner food. I’d eaten a Zone bar instead.

Add to that I tweaked the heck out of my back on the treadmill yesterday morning – right smack dab in the middle. Being busy with underlying pain that you’re not sure is going to worse on top of a seemingly insurmountable work load – if someone talked carelessly to me I would’ve cried. And it was depressing to realize how easily it is to get hurt, being as heavy as I am.

But, as my wonderful husband said this morning, as I lay on the sofa at 5:15am, not wanting to go to the gym because my eyes burned from being tired and my back hurt, “You’ve just got to push through it.”  I was about to cry with self-pity; a few tears fell. Then he said, “Just go back to bed.  You don’t have to go all out at the beginning.” I headed to our bedroom and decided to put on my tennies and just go.  Something weird about being told I can quit.  It somehow inspires me not to.

The 30-minute treadmill workout this morning felt GREAT.  I thanked God and my husband that I just went to the gym despite the way I felt. It lifted my spirits and made me feel powerful.

Food from yesterday, October 21:

  • 7:30am 3/4 c. cheerios (12), 1 c skim milk (12), coffee
  • 10:30am Lindora Chocolate Chocolate Bar (13)
  • 12:15pm 2.5 oz. Sirloin (0), 2 c lettuce (3), 1/2 c celery (3), 1/2 c cucumber (1.5), 1 T. Kraft Free Zesty Italian dressing (3), Apple (17), Diet Pepsi, 2 chewable vitamins (3)
  • 3:30pm Lindora BBQ Soy Puffs (8)
  • 6:30pm Zone bar (13)
  • 9:30pm Lindora Wildberry Passion protein drink (3)
  • TOTAL:  91

Today’s food:

  • 7:30am 3/4 c. cheerios (12), 1 c skim milk (12), coffee, 2 chewable vitamins (3)
  • 10:30am Lindora Chocolate Chocolate Bar (13)
  • 2:00pm  2.5 oz roasted chicken (o) with mustard (0), 2 c lettuce (3), 1/2 c celery (3), 1/4 c carrots (4), 1 T. Kraft Free Zesty Italian dressing (3), apple (17), Diet Pepsi
  • 6:00pm Lindora Chocolate Chocolate Pudding (7)
  • 8:00pm  El Pollo Loco meal approved by Lindora:  Chicken (0), salad (3) with fat free dressing
  • TOTAL: 80