Day 4: Real Food

Finished the first 3-days of protein only (part of the Lindora program to jumpstart weight loss). So today, it was on to normal food.  Amazing how satisfying vegetables and fruit are after just eating protein and protein snacks for 3 days. It was the usual crazy busy at work so I’d get hungry but not have time to eat… missed afternoon snack but wasn’t hungry (supposed to eat anyway to keep metabolism going!)

Made it to the gym at 5:45am and walked 35 minutes on the treadmill – but forgot my work clothes at home so my fantastic husband brought them to the gym for me. Love him.  I tell you, it just made me smile thinking about how supportive and wonderful he is… until my mind became occupied by the drudgery of work. Just long long long days the last few months. It’s exhausting mentally, sometimes exhausting physically (being on a computer all day messes with my shoulder especially), and it’s sometimes exhausting emotionally.  Lots of pressure – different pressure than I’ve every experienced at a job. There are unspoken expectations and lots of balls thrown at you with very little direction or definitive decisions behind them.  And if you try to run with it on your own, take initiative, it’s BAM, slap on the hand. Just not a good fit for me, and I won’t be there for years. That’s part of the eating issue – I eat to cope, eat to search for energy, eat to stave off headaches.  I am so busy there are many days I would buy every single meal – order in for lunch, go to the drive-through after work.  Costs a fortune and costs me my health.  So this is my first week of bringing in all my food, prepared at home.  It’s so nice to not have to decide what I feel like eating that will most make me happy or most distract me from my situation.  Instead, I have limited choices and it’s oddly liberating. And everything tastes better.

  • 7:30am  3/4 c cheerios (12) and 1 c skim milk (12) (half of the milk went into my coffee; added a touch of Splenda and it was just right); drank a bottle of water after the gym
  • 10:30am Lindora Chocolate Chocolate Bar (13) and a bottle of water with Crystal Light Iced Tea flavor
  • 1:45pm 2.5 oz. roasted chicken (o) on 2 c Romaine lettuce (3), 1/2 c. cucumber (1.5), 1/4 c. carrots (4) with 1 T. Kraft Free Zesty Italian dressing (3); 2 chewable vitamins (3); 1 apple (17); Diet Pepsi
  • Missed afternoon snack; drank another bottle of water with Crystal Light Iced Tea flavor
  • 7:30pm  1 c. tortilla soup (chicken, broth, onions, tomatoes) (3); 2 c Romaine lettuce (3); 1/4 t. Newman’s Own Light Vinaigrette (3); 1/4 c celery (2); 1/2 banana (13); Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Not going to have an evening snack as I ate late and my total carb count is up there! Need to stay under 100 but when I did this before, I stayed between 60 and 80 carbs a day and weight came off regularly.  Gotta be careful…
  • TOTAL:  92 carbs

Wishing I had synced my home scale with the one at Lindora.  I have no idea how I’m doing since starting Saturday.  My period is due to start tomorrow so I may be holding on to lots of water right now.  Cool thing is – I remember it’s a big bump in weight loss after the period is over. : )

By the way – starting on Saturday was a GREAT idea.  I was able to detox from all that sugar and fat at home without the pressures of work to make it worse. By Monday I was in my stride.